The Joy of Creating a Vignette

Having wandered through thousands of homes during my travels, I can assuredly say that I have seen some magnificent vignettes. Yet a true master of the art is Kara Rosenlund.

Should you wish to be privy to one of her beautiful displays, pay a visit to one of her vignette workshops at Megan Morton’s The School. Here, she shows her guests the art of creating captivating and intriguing vignettes that visitors to your home will love.For your own vignette ventures, I recommend looking for objects in antique stores, markets and quirky little design nooks. Consider old-world items like clock faces, found items like bottles and twine, romantic touches such as dried flowers, rustic stoneware, vintage flags, instruments, quills, hats, books and antique candlesticks. The items should tell a story and ignite your imagination.

Now, don’t let your vignette become stale and forgotten. It should fluctuate with your mood and inspiration! Bring life to the collection with a bouquet of flowers, scattered petals, some dried jasmine or aromatic herbs.

We must remember to be patient with ourselves when creating vignettes. Move objects, tweak them, spin them around - continue to experiment until you achieve the balance you desire. The end result should be a still life that creates a mood to suit and enhance the room. Of course, gorgeous vignettes should accompany equally gorgeous furniture. I can’t go past a well organised vignette on a dressing table, perhaps a shelf in a hallway or scattered across a rustic coffee table.

Now here’s a final piece of advice from the lovely Kara - be sure to play beautiful music as you work - you can’t create a vignette without it!

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