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Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne Furniture Showrooms : The Winning Trifecta

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The culmination of years of planning & industry passion, combined with frequent global sourcing expeditions: I’m pleased to be able to say I have achieved the showroom trifecta. With residences in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, my signature aesthetic is now as accessible as ever.

In my experience, each city offers it’s own distinct design nuances, aesthetical tastes and styles - varied though they may be – with each of my galleries offering a slightly different experience...

Melbourne Showroom  

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My Melbourne showroom at Church Street Richmond, the newest to my real estate collection, couldn’t have been more of a success after nearly two months of showcasing my luxury collections. Featuring a show-stopping street frontage, passers-by slowing to steal a longer look at my prized ranges is certainly not a rare sight from my perch at the illustrious Carnaby Dining Table

Securing my enviable position on one of Melbourne’s most prestigious strips is still a cause for celebration, and as the one of the fastest growing Australian cities for apartment dwellings, I’d say my arrival here is right on time. 

Brisbane Showroom 

brisbane furniture store

Fortitude Valley is the middle-sibling of the three, but there’s certainly no love lost here. It seems nearly an age since I opened my doors for the first time in the River City, but each day sees my Fortitude Valley showroom blossom.

Queenslanders have a style all their own, and it’s certainly a burgeoning one. Blessed with an amiable climate year round, Brisbane interiors are light, fresh, and not overly dramatic, perhaps a reflection on their relaxed inhabitants. A casual and inviting vibe defines the Queensland interior, although interior indulgence isn’t in short supply, which makes my Fortitude Valley showroom the ideal stop for those with an affinity for the best; my luxurious linens, raw timbers and sophisticated silhouettes don’t fail to impress time and time again.

With an envied proximity to the design mecca Coco Republic (we share a building!), my Brisbane showroom location ensures I constantly have my finger on the pulse of globally inspired interiors and design, while the luxury retailers within the James Street stretch provide hours of window shopping and merchandising inspiration.

Sydney Showroom 

sydney furniture showroom

It’s said that we never forget our firsts, and how could I, when my first showroom still demands the same affection as the day I first threw open the doors. Both my Sydney showroom and I have progressed quite a way since then, so it’s humbling to look back on a time when the spaces to follow in Brisbane and Melbourne were still an uncertainty. 

During 2016, however, I made the move to the Supa Centa Moore Park - a dedicated destination for homemakers. I’m pleased to be offering a point of difference to the space; my signature luxury aesthetic is certainly unrivalled, and complements the sterling selection already based in the specialised centre.

I've been a resident at the Supa Centa Moore Park for nearly 6 months now, and I must say, it's been smooth sailing so far! My Design Kiosk has proved more than useful and my products can now be viewed in perfect detail, all the way to each individual upholstery fibre. 

My penchant for an interior refresh dictates that each of my showrooms are constantly updated with new arrivals and the latest in Max Sparrow furniture and homewares designs, so no two visits are ever the same!

3 designer showrooms in 3 years: quite an achievement some would say... But allow me to implore - I'm not done yet! 

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