Entrance Decor : Make a Lasting First Impression

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There's no denying the importance of a good first impression, so why not make a lasting one too? From outdoor styling to hall design, welcome guests into a stylish abode with a curated home entrance.

Apartment dwellers may be exempt from considering the garden and a home's curb appeal, thanks to a collective strata, yet those with private entries will understand the ambitious tasks that come with styling a functional outdoor space.

Australian's are all too often blessed with an enviable climate; from the cool seascapes of Tasmania, to the tropical humidity of Northern Queensland, outdoor living in Aus is a healthy indulgence begging to be taken advantage of, something our ancestors were well aware of. Many Australian homes have been built with exactly this in mind; think federation homes, classic Queenslander abodes and sweeping outback verandas, suggesting wide-open spaces and views of the horizon. Even if your views closer resemble the neighbour's hills-hoist, there's no reason not to enjoy a styled outdoor area, all the while creating a first impression for guests and passers-by alike. 

Adorn your outdoor space with contemporary outdoor furniture, no matter your home's architectural period; the juxtaposition will make for a welcome design element, while the practicality of modern outdoor furniture pieces not only provides hardwearing aspects, carefully developed processes and materials serve for functionality too... dragging heavy patio furniture is now a thing of the past. Coco Republic's Cayman Outdoor Sofa embodies all this and more, featuring an aluminium frame for weightless endurance and textured rope detail for contemporary appeal.

outdoor furniturecontemporary outdoor furniture

Breathe a sigh of relief; outdoor furniture has evolved over the past decade to provide both function and style, dictating a fashionable entrance and first impression indeed. 

hall interior design  

Across the threshold, a myriad of entrances could await... part of the mystery of closed doors. Architecture is ultimately the principal factor in the type of entrance one can create, but style knows no boundaries:

1. Open Space

hallway design design entrance

Grandeur is personified in an open entrance hall, characterised by high ceilings and (in some cases) a sweeping grand staircase. Not all are blessed with an entrance such as this, so those who are simply must take advantage of the luxury - a round hall table, centre stage, with welcoming blooms beckons visitors to appreciate the luxurious marvel that is home and can't fail to impress. 

2. Long and Narrow

entrance decor

Classic Australian worker's cottages are no stranger to the long and narrow entrance hall, often extending close to the length of a home, so bench seats and slim consoles are an ideal partnership. Dress with a mirror or artwork and your entry decor is complete, optimised for both practicality and style. For a modern hallway aesthetic, my Manhattan Dark Oak Console won't disappoint, while French flair is never in short supply when the golden luxe of my Eloise Cabriole Console is close at hand. 

3. Dog's Leg

hallway wallpaper

A turn here, a turn there, a dog's leg entry demands the soft curves and design versatility of a demilune profiled hall console. A curved facade is the ideal offset to sharp corners, and the proportions are often compact enough to complement shorter wall lengths. The semi-circular demilune design, although a classic, is not as readily available as its rectangular counterparts, so it makes sense that here, first impressions are taken care of; the demilune hall table speaks volumes for hallway design panache - an interior path less trodden. 

4. Non-Existant

hallway design

Hall decoration is difficult without a hall - I hear you compact apartment dwellers - but that's not to mean the creation of an entrance space isn't achievable, I have two perfectly achievable options: the first calls for my Amoret Tall Storage Unit. Without encroaching on valuable space, the tall and slender unit provides storage and style all at once. Floorplans incorporating living room and entrance as one won't be disadvantaged by a console running the length of a sofa, my second recommendation for those without a traditional entrance. 

marble furniture

How do you style your home to greet guests and creating a lasting impression? As always share with me your comments below, and of course, I'm never far away to any questions...

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