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Unique details and finishes have the potential to lift an ordinary interior to the extraordinary... From traditional button tufting, to tropical woven elements, it’s the finer niceties that truly make my illustrious furniture pieces stand out in even the most discerning of interiors. 

Stylish Studding

Like a Balmain leather jacket, there’s something ‘rock star’ about intricate studwork in not only designer clothing, but designer furniture too. The subtle shine and texture of the studding can really update an otherwise simple silhouette, adding intrigue and flair to your interior.

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Exemplifying this point to perfection, my Clementine High Back Sitting Chair offers this distinct detail in a highly polished silver to compliment chrome legs, which ultimately makes this contemporary take on a classic wing chair the ideal addition for a trend-setting interior with stunning effect. 

Traditional Button Tufting

Some silhouettes and furniture styles never go out of vogue. Point in case; the classic Chesterfield sofa. Rolled arms and intricate button tufting are iconic features in this piece, the rhythm & repetition the buttons and tufts provide allows for a subtle yet effective method in adding visual depth and textured layers to a space – not to mention the enduring style the classic detail cant fail to deliver. 

white chesterfield sofa

One of my signature interior design aesthetics, the relaxed sophistication of the Hamptons style, is all about a neutral colour palette that is enhanced through the use of textural layers. The repetitive placement of button tufting in a classic linen upholstery proves faultless in a Hamptons style living room, so it should come as no surprise  that my Max Sparrow Barclay Sofa is such a popular piece in achieving the look.  

Don’t be fooled into thinking that button tufting is only effective in the likes of a Chesterfield sofa; ottomans, occasional chairs and - in contrast to the classic profile - contemporary silhouettes benefit from the same tufted treatment. 

tufted bench seat

Woven Wonders

My love for the tropics has influenced my design aesthetic when it comes to looking for key features in my furniture, thus my tendency for woven details can be seen throughout a few of my newest furniture and homewares arrivals.

cane dining chair

The art of weaving has been a craft used since Ancient times, and can now be seen in anything from baskets and accessories to furniture and even wallpaper treatments. You’ll find that cane is a popular material used in weaving within the furniture industry, and it’s been said that its durable, light, and hygienic qualities are what’s influenced this, which can explain why so many of my favourite tropical resort stays feature caned furniture! With this in mind, why not enjoy a late-night Singapore Sling in my Max Sparrow Waverly Woven Back Bar Stool to transport you back to relaxing tropical getaways and balmy nights.

marble furniture

If your affection towards the tropical leaves much to be desired, rather a glam aesthetic whets your design appetite, the woven gold grasscloth facade of my Valencia Buffet won't disappoint. Paired with a rich mahogany timber finish and inset stone top, the Valencia Buffet doesn't skimp on deluxe design details. 

Just as effective, yet providing an entirely different aesthetic altogether, my Hartfield Coffee Table features a woven rope shelf beneath a travertine stone top with slender tapered walnut timber legs to create a mid-century modern inspired piece that oozes casual cool. The contrast between the thick textured woven rope and the smooth solid surface of the travertine is an exemplary play on textures. 

Nature’s Niceties

There's no arguing that a natural and organic aesthetic is trending in the interior design world recently, and you won't see me complaining, rather embracing a trend I've kept at the forefront of my designs for longer than I care to admit... Nature refuses to create each shell, rock and timber exactly the same, which means each finish provides a one-of-a-kind furniture piece. All the more luxurious for unique, inimitable aspect, pearl, shell, and marble offer a point of difference in furniture and homewares. 

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There’s nothing like a pearl, the jewel of the sea, when it comes to instant sophistication and glamour. Often seen in luxurious statement jewellery, it’s not often that you come across this detail in furniture, which is part of the reason as to why my Monroe Bombay Chest is oh-so exclusive. Expert craftsmanship can be seen in the delicately shaped pearl hardware, wrapped in gold, which stands out against the pearlised soft blue finish.

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Iridescent, Capiz Shells are an interior accent with delicate qualities. Found in abundance in the Filipino province of Capiz (who would’ve thought?), the stunning slightly curved & shimmering surface makes it a popular choice for chandeliers, furniture façades, and frames such as my Manhattan Shell Mirror. The repetitive linear placement of each shell in the distinctive frame adds texture to a space, reflecting light off the undulating angles of the individual shells, a jaw-dropping piece that only serves to make a lasting first impression in the entrance of your home.

marble furniture

Not to be outshone by the limelight of glamorous shell, marble is an enduring material enjoying a resurgence in popularity over the past few years,  and rightfully so – the robust material offers no shortage of unique character through the different patterns and veins available, making it a desirable finish to work with in both interior design and architecture. Synonymous with luxury, this material has been used in architecture dating back to ancient Egyptian and Roman cultures, proving it’s a design detail that is well and truly here to stay! Incorporating this timeless material in a contemporary manner, my Wolseley Marble Top Consolethe marble top, despite its historic qualities, complements the contemporary nature of the chrome-like frame and cabriole legs, marrying the old with the new in perfect unison. 

Extraordinary, wouldn't you agree?

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