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Over the years I've travelled many miles around our bountiful planet to source alluring furniture at affordable prices, and thankfully I’m no stranger to a beautifully designed interior.

Luxury furniture and interior design is my passion, one that my specialised team of Design Consultants share. Certainly an advantage, my position in the furnishing and home decoration realm allows for the creation of stylish and timeless interiors utilising my unique designs across furniture, decor, art and lighting.

Much as my furniture pieces reflect various styles, so too does my Design Service. I understand each interior is just as unique as its occupant, which is why my specialised team work closely with you to build and present only the most finessed of interior schemes, designed exclusively with your home and aesthetic in mind.

So what exactly is involved? Well, the design process begins with a home visit from two of my experienced Design Consultants, where key spaces and personal aesthetics will be determined. Following this, my team sit down together to build a unique scheme complete with mood board, product selection and styling suggestions. The final step, before awaiting the installed result, involves a presentation of the scheme, allowing feedback and discussion, with each step of the process considered closely to create an exceptional and individual home interior. 

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