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There’s certainly more than one way to describe Home Décor, and certainly more than one outcome when utilising home décor and decoration to lift an interior with finessed results… but I like to think of Home Décor as fun; start a collection of your favourite pieces and enjoy the process of placement and position. Layer your pieces to perfection with varying heights, colours and texture, then revel in the cleverness of your own doing and the effect the addition has, not only on your dining table, console or bookcase surfaces but on your entire living room or dining room aesthetic. Don’t for one moment think that the bedroom is exempt from the enhancing qualities of home décor though; add a small vase to the nightstands for a welcome and stylish greeting each morning, even when devoid of fresh floral and lift your boudoir’s storage unit with a curated collection of chic decoration pieces. If a touch of elegance is what you crave, home décor won’t disappoint, likewise, a nod to modern trends is a cinch with cost-effective and seasonal home décor updates through out the home.

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