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A Mirrored Side Table Always Completes an Elegant Bedroom

mirrored side table

A mirrored side table is a classic, and one that promises to stand the test of time. Amplifying a sense of space and expanding on the sense of light, the mirrored side table is not only practical in terms of storage, but delivers on elegant style with the most subtle of statements in reflection and distortion.  

Not determined by one particular style or aesthetic, a mirrored side table promises un-rivalled versatility. Featuring a chic gem like bevelled mirror finish, the Able Mirrored Side Table (above) delivers on sought after timelessness and will complement any bedroom style from the classically sophisticated, to the sharpest of modern.

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Tapered legs offer a point of difference, and a welcome one in my Brittany Mirrored Side Table. A mirrored surface rests a-top slender legs for look that’s both feminine and contemporary, with a hint of illusionary character; the mirrored surface seems to delicately float above the elongated legs.

bedroom furniture online

 Combining the sleek properties of mirror and the tactile, textural qualities of a tonal timber, the Chester Contemporary 4 Drawer Side Table unites opposing materials with style, offering the proposition for a casually elegant bedroom addition.

mirrored side table


If an interior revealing in elegance is your goal, the mirrored side table or nightstand is your answer. Encompassing qualities so often associated with clean refinement and stylish aesthetics, a mirrored bedside table won't fail to lift a bedroom.


Have you experimented with the timeless allure of mirrored furniture at home? Share with me your style and leave a comment below... 


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