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10 Stylish Furniture Finds for Under $1000

Australia is home to a select few aspirational & inspirational interiors brands and finding the perfect piece can be difficult at the best of times, without the added constraints of a budget. While it’s safe to say that I am an advocate for investments in furniture and homewares for the home, I am happy to let you in on a little secret; my picks for both the most stylish & best value furniture pieces for under $1000:

1. Soho Coffee Table

Classic Timber Coffee Table Sydney

The silhouette of the Soho Coffee Table is the stand out feature of this classically refined piece, but this characteristic is closely followed by the rich timber finish and delicate drawer hardware. The Soho is a celebration of days gone by, yet with clean lines and a deliberate profile, the Soho Oval Coffee Table promises polished appeal in varying interior styles.

2. Benson Side Table

Luxury Metal Side Table

A contradiction of sorts, the Benson Side Table is both silver and gold, subtle yet distinct. A metallic taupe geometric base gives way to a sleek glass surface, providing a contemporary appeal, complete with fresh sophistication. You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a designer piece, with the designer price tag, alas the Benson comes in at a lowly $695. 

3. Ayres Hide Ottoman 

 Leather Ottoman 

A favourite among interior designers, the Ayres Hide Ottoman is everything it suggests and more (but for less). Beyond suitable as an accent in a hall, bedroom or living space, the Ayres provides endless style with slender legs, woven leather detailing and luscious caramel coloured hide. Whether your look is luxe or coastal, the versatile Ayres Hide Ottoman obliges with ease.

4. Barclay Sofa

Tufted white sofa sofa sydney

Celebrated interior classics have met their match in the Barclay Sofa. Versatile, casual, yet stylish, the Barclay has characteristics that would suggest defying the other major draw card; it’s affordability. The tufted back provides just the right amount of detail, while the soft crème coloured upholstery allows for integration into almost any interior scheme. Play with textural cushions and luxe throws to update this traditional piece with contemporary appeal.

5. Finch Contemporary Arm Chair

contemporary furniture online timber frame chairtimber framed chair contemporary furniture online

Angled lines and a low profile define the Finch Contemporary Arm Chair, providing a fresh, yet casual appeal. Better yet, the Finch is available in two colour ways, ensuring every interior is afforded the style the Finch offers.

6. Macy Side Table

Furniture Online - Max Sparrow

Timeless allure, displayed in a contemporary silhouette & combined with classic influences affords the Macy Side Table both versatility and style. No one could say Macy isn’t unique either; the profile is one of elegant refinement, united with appeal that only restrained design could suggest.

7. Becker Console

furniture online timber console

Simple, yes. Cheap, well yes. Devoid of style? No way. The Becker Console practically begs to hold and display your décor in the most subtle, yet suggestive ways. Featuring oval shelving optimized for books, magazines, homewares et al, the dark moody finish of the Becker challenges its overall helpful disposition.

8. French Wire Mirror

mirrors online

A mirror and an artwork; needless to say the French Wire Mirror is two pieces in one. The intersecting ringed border and delicate wire adorning the surface in methodical grid-like crisscrosses ensure the French Wire Mirror makes a lasting impression in your entry, or provides for a stunning focal point in your living space.

9. Parisian Spot Table

gold side table Interior Design

The ornate gold base in a caramel leaf, and Capiz shell top of the Parisian Spot Table mean this piece is easily mistakable for a vintage treasure. The distinctive finishes provide for luxe appeal, without ever alluding to the fact that this piece will fit into almost any restricted budget.

10. Atlantic Low Bar Stool

Linen upholstered bar stool furniture online barstool

Casual appeal reigns true in the Atlantic Low Bar stool. Slender legs in an almost distressed silver finish, paired with understated linen upholstery allow the Atlantic that coveted relaxed, care-free vibe, perfect for use within hamptons-esque interiors, or contemporary abodes looking for a touch of composed charm.

Would you use these items to update your home on a budget? Let me know in the comments below...


Max Sparrow
Max Sparrow

October 27, 2015

Hi Dee, thanks so much for your lovely comment! And I couldn’t agree with you more, the closest match I have in my collection of lighting to the stunning pendant shown above is my Marin Hanging Lamp. Do be sure to check it out on the link below and let me know your thoughts:
Thanks again,


October 22, 2015

Hi, your opening sentence about finding the perfect piece can be difficult at the best of times …. so true. I love the delicate look of the Ayres Ottoman. So glad to see it is on special too! I also love, love, love the chandelier in the photo containing the Soho Coffee Table. Any chance that can be sourced here in Australia? I enjoy reading the blog. Thank you.

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