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September 21, 2016


Reinvigorate a Tired Bedroom with Contemporary Bedside Tables

luxury bedroom furniture

A new nightstand can be as refreshing for your bedroom as a good night sleep is for your body. Whether you are looking to add the perfect piece to set off a beloved bedroom suite or require a new nightstand as part of a complete room redesign, style a beautiful bedside tableau with my top picks for bedside bliss. 

Storage Essentials

Keep bedside essentials stored in ease of reach, yet out of sight... My Kagney Side Table offers a concealed drawer, for the ultimate in hidden storage, while the round profile and black and gold palette are an ideal addition to the contemporary bedroom abode. Where excess in storage is a must, my Reynolds Side Table is unashamedly functional - offering ample storage space in two deep drawers, all the while providing a sophisticated aesthetic with contemporary appeal. 

luxury bedside table

Mirrored Elegance

If your bedroom offers limited floor space, consider a seemingly invisible bedside table... Mirrored furniture reflects its surroundings to effectively and efficiently create the illusion of more space. My Brittany Mirrored Side Table offers just this, and has the added advantage of on-trend splayed legs paired with understated hardware, to provide a sense of delicacy that will make even a crowded corner feel spacious. And while your at it, pull up my Toulouse Small Ottoman featuring hidden storage – always a plus when space is at a premium.

mirrored furniture

Minimalistic Edge

Perhaps clean lines and a minimalistic direction is your vice... A bedroom seeking the restorative powers of the minimal can hardly fail to overlook the sleek profile of the Argo Square Side Table, featuring two shelves of clear glass framed by a highly polished gold bullion, for an effect of refined contemporary minimalism, with just a hint of glamour. 

Make a Statement

Certainly a nightstand out of the ordinary, my Ellis Side Table features jaw-dropping aesthetics for an effect nothing short of remarkable, not least in the bedroom. Directional silver rods create an eye-catching three dimensional pattern, while the gold accents and graphite surfaces act to create visual depth and welcome detailing. 

contemporary side table

Nesting Style

There's no current look more contemporary than that of the nesting side table. Take this trend into the bedroom with my Georgia Nesting Tables, each offering a different profile in gold leaf, paired with espresso tapered legs. Unrivalled for functionality, the nesting table offers styling opportunity galore. 

nesting side tables

Mix & Match

Considered mixing and matching need not appear haphazard, rather complementary bedside tables featuring similarities in materiality & style offer a contemporary and of-the-moment look of curated bedroom style. 

Opt for pieces from the same collection in with subtle differences to take heed of the trend, while ensuring a sense of timelessness. My Canasta collection offers a range of side tables, ideal as bedside companions, while the pairing of my Argo Round Glass Side Table and Argo Smoked Mirror Side Table presents slight variations in dimensions and surface materialities for a considered mis-matching. 

antiqued mirror side table


Enjoying a welcome come-back, mid-century furniture is finding itself enhancing a myriad of contemporary homes. My Thornley Timber Bedside Table delivers on all the benefits of a traditional nightstand with storage, together with the walnut timber finish popular in midcentury modern design and the unmistakable references toward iconic post-war design. 

 midcentury modern design

Marvellous Marble 

Oh-so sleek, marble is the current interior flavour, though I maintain marble is sure to promise enduring style for years to come. Elegant, sophisticated and contemporary, marble enhances an interior with elegance and the individual touch that only natural elements provide - each piece unique. My Wolseley Side Table takes advantage of the sleek characteristic inherent in marble, pairing them with the contemporised cabriole leg, infusing a Parisian charm to the highly polished silver frame. 

 marble side table

Feminine Attraction

For a contemporary bedside companion with a feminine edge, look no further than my Carnaby Side Tables in both gold and silver. A pattern of intersecting rings creates a floral-like base, topped with a thick glass surface - the ideal perch for a table lamp and current pulitzer prized novel. 

silver side table 


Where my Swanson Tiered Side Table lacks proportions, it certainly doesn't lack contemporary style. A design savvy addition to any bedroom, the Swanson features an on-trend ombre effect, the finish graduating from a deep bronze at the base to a silver leaf at the surface. A compact footprint also allows the Swanson to fill small voids - enhancing the smaller boudoir or guest bedroom where space is at a premium.  

contemporary bedside table

What’s on your bedside table? Share your nightstand essentials by leaving me a comment below:

September 07, 2016


My Sydney Move...

Sydney furniture store

Joining a host of home furnishing giants, I've made the move to the Supa Centa Moore Park - a dedicated destination for homemakers. 

I’m pleased to be offering a point of difference to the space; my signature luxury aesthetic is certainly unrivalled, and complements the sterling selection already based in the specialised centre.

There’s nothing I love more than a renovation, and the past month (somewhat secretly) working away at the aesthetics of my newest showroom has certainly been a whirlwind. My expert eye, along with the help of builders, joiners, painters and electricians, has produced a retail space to work in perfect synergy with my virtual online showroom, while at the same time presenting a luxury reality in which to experience my products.

As a proud innovator, constantly developing and adapting new ideas, I'm pleased to present my latest prototype… My newly unveiled gallery in the Supa Centa Moore Park showcases my very first Design Kiosk; here, tap into the expert knowledge of my design consultants and have my entire furniture & homewares catalogue available at your fingertips. Utilising the highest resolution technology available, my products can be viewed in perfect detail, all the way to each individual upholstery fibre. 

I’ve had a fabulous time merging the design of my proven favourites with exciting new furnishing pieces, and I can proudly say that my new showroom displays the best of both. The likes of my new Mentmore Metalwork Occasional Chairs along side the sleek styling and functional versatility of my Florence Coffee Table Set is a certainly a sight seeped in luxury, while the Hamptons-esque aesthetic of my Lennox Extension Dining Table and Waverly Woven Back Chairs has me reminiscing on my favourite international coastal get-away…

To describe the intensive design and execution of my new showroom in the Supa Centa Moore Park as exhilarating is an understatement, and yet the serenity and luxurious atmosphere of the completed space seems almost contradictory. I’m certainly without any doubt you’ll find the interior just as much a success as I do...

Shop GA.05, Gallery Level
Supa Centa Moore Park
2A Todman Avenue, Moore Park NSW 2021
August 25, 2016


Entrance Decor : Make a Lasting First Impression

entrance hall design

There's no denying the importance of a good first impression, so why not make a lasting one too? From outdoor styling to hall design, welcome guests into a stylish abode with a curated home entrance.

Apartment dwellers may be exempt from considering the garden and a home's curb appeal, thanks to a collective strata, yet those with private entries will understand the ambitious tasks that come with styling a functional outdoor space.

Australian's are all too often blessed with an enviable climate; from the cool seascapes of Tasmania, to the tropical humidity of Northern Queensland, outdoor living in Aus is a healthy indulgence begging to be taken advantage of, something our ancestors were well aware of. Many Australian homes have been built with exactly this in mind; think federation homes, classic Queenslander abodes and sweeping outback verandas, suggesting wide-open spaces and views of the horizon. Even if your views closer resemble the neighbour's hills-hoist, there's no reason not to enjoy a styled outdoor area, all the while creating a first impression for guests and passers-by alike. 

Adorn your outdoor space with contemporary outdoor furniture, no matter your home's architectural period; the juxtaposition will make for a welcome design element, while the practicality of modern outdoor furniture pieces not only provides hardwearing aspects, carefully developed processes and materials serve for functionality too... dragging heavy patio furniture is now a thing of the past. Coco Republic's Cayman Outdoor Sofa embodies all this and more, featuring an aluminium frame for weightless endurance and textured rope detail for contemporary appeal.

outdoor furniturecontemporary outdoor furniture

Breathe a sigh of relief; outdoor furniture has evolved over the past decade to provide both function and style, dictating a fashionable entrance and first impression indeed. 

hall interior design  

Across the threshold, a myriad of entrances could await... part of the mystery of closed doors. Architecture is ultimately the principal factor in the type of entrance one can create, but style knows no boundaries:

1. Open Space

hallway design design entrance

Grandeur is personified in an open entrance hall, characterised by high ceilings and (in some cases) a sweeping grand staircase. Not all are blessed with an entrance such as this, so those who are simply must take advantage of the luxury - a round hall table, centre stage, with welcoming blooms beckons visitors to appreciate the luxurious marvel that is home and can't fail to impress. 

2. Long and Narrow

entrance decor

Classic Australian worker's cottages are no stranger to the long and narrow entrance hall, often extending close to the length of a home, so bench seats and slim consoles are an ideal partnership. Dress with a mirror or artwork and your entry decor is complete, optimised for both practicality and style. For a modern hallway aesthetic, my Manhattan Dark Oak Console won't disappoint, while French flair is never in short supply when the golden luxe of my Eloise Cabriole Console is close at hand. 

3. Dog's Leg

hallway wallpaper

A turn here, a turn there, a dog's leg entry demands the soft curves and design versatility of a demilune profiled hall console. A curved facade is the ideal offset to sharp corners, and the proportions are often compact enough to complement shorter wall lengths. The semi-circular demilune design, although a classic, is not as readily available as its rectangular counterparts, so it makes sense that here, first impressions are taken care of; the demilune hall table speaks volumes for hallway design panache - an interior path less trodden. 

4. Non-Existant

hallway design

Hall decoration is difficult without a hall - I hear you compact apartment dwellers - but that's not to mean the creation of an entrance space isn't achievable, I have two perfectly achievable options: the first calls for my Amoret Tall Storage Unit. Without encroaching on valuable space, the tall and slender unit provides storage and style all at once. Floorplans incorporating living room and entrance as one won't be disadvantaged by a console running the length of a sofa, my second recommendation for those without a traditional entrance. 

marble furniture

How do you style your home to greet guests and creating a lasting impression? As always share with me your comments below, and of course, I'm never far away to any questions...

August 16, 2016


The Formal Dining Room | A Revival

gold dining table

Looking back, the formal dining room has traditionally been a place of lavish hosting, both visually and palatably, so to see this trend revitalised not only delights the interior aficionado within me, but the entertainer too. Who needs further excuse to host friends and family in a luxurious dining room & to indulge in that bottle you’ve been saving for a special occasion… 

I mentioned in a Journal post earlier this year, outlining the Interior Trends for 2016 and Beyond, that the formal dining room was set to make a comeback, and I’ve not yet been proved wrong. I’ve noted more and more clients of my Design Services requesting a dining room aesthetic reminiscent of the luxury and grandeur of an old-world high society that recent interior trends have seemingly disregarded.

That’s not to say that modern dining furniture should be shunned in favour of a traditional aesthetic though; a contemporary dining atmosphere can be achieved with no compromise on the opulence the classic formal dining room typically possesses. Opt for indulgent materialities, and regardless of furniture profiles, the curation of these deluxe materials & textures will not fail in the creation of an enviable formal dining space.

formal dining room ideas  formal dining room style

Velvets remain unrivalled for luxury, so it makes sense that dining chairs upholstered in the most regal of textures will undoubtedly provide that coveted luxe allure to any space, the formal dining room included. Look to my Marie Dining Chairs featuring gold-leaf frames and deep black velvet upholstery for the ultimate in French flair and élite styling panache. Similarly, my Eiffel Accent Chairs effortlessly combine stylistic elements with both contemporary and classic influences, the ghost legs allowing the seat to seemingly float, while at the same time, harnessing the on-trend aesthetic of Lucite.

formal dining room style

Stylish formal hosting relies on the centrepiece to any dining room, the dining table. Metallics are my go-to, whether the selection focuses on graphite, soft gold, or a pearlised finish, metallics in interiors ooze opulence with a touch of glamour. My Dalton Extension Dining Table pairs curvaceous gold legs with a robust timber surface for unsurpassed mature sophistication, while my Carter Stainless Steel Dining Table captures the quintessential contemporary aesthetic of minimalistic clean lines and a chic, slender profile. Meanwhile, a highly polished timber dining table offers grand appeal unlike any other.  

Might I add that stylish hosting doesn’t start & end with the dining table and chairs; the creation of an overall deluxe atmosphere requires a holistic approach, of course the dining furniture is paramount, however the influencers less considered also play major roles; think lighting, flooring and accent furniture pieces…

formal dining room ideas

No formal dining room is complete without overhead lighting in the form of a pendant (contemplate a row for that matter) or chandelier. Use less wattage, and hang this interior statement low, very low, for an intimate and wholly well-appointed dining room aesthetic.

 black and gold formal dining room

My next point is one of personal preference, however, I for one enjoy the chic opulence of a rug underfoot in a formal dining space, if not only for the aesthetics, for the acoustics also. An artsilk rug with a subtle sheen & lustre is one for the grown-up formal dining room (a red wine jus accident here could lead to tears), however a tufted wool rug, with a subtle print or pattern, offers only a fraction less luxury than artsilk, along with all the low-maintenance, easy-to-clean qualities wool provides.

 buffets online

If no formal dining room is complete without tasteful overhead lighting, the same can be said for the buffet or sideboard. One is spoilt for choice - no matter the style - in traditional and contemporary dining furniture alike, so it should come as no surprise that the buffet and sideboard have not been forgotten. My pick for the contemporary conscious dining room? My new Cooper Agate Accent Chest, featuring a sleek bronze casing and of-the-moment Agate printed doors, while the classic timber and custom hardware of my Seville Sideboard won’t fail to enhance the traditional formal dining room.

 bar carts online bar carts

My penchant for hosting is rivalled only by my predilection toward design, and no other furniture piece embodies this more than the bar cart. Obliging and oh-so stylish, the bar cart exemplifies both etiquette and luxury, making the ideal accent piece to a formal dining room.

Case in point: my Antibes Beverage Cart features an antiqued mirror surface, soft pastel finish and metallic accents to ensure it remains an impeccable contender for best dressed at any dinner party. Add to that a courteous disposition, and the Antibes promises both a functional and luxurious addition to the modern formal dining room.

The epitome of the debonair interior, a revival of the formal dining room is long overdue in my books, wouldn’t you agree?

August 03, 2016


Manhattan: A Lesson in Contemporary Furniture Design

Notable for a loft living style all its own, Manhattan has provided unbound interior inspiration globally, its unique aesthetic promoting streamlined profiles with bold dispositions and just a hint of sculptural significance; an apt description for my Manhattan range, if I say so myself. 

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July 18, 2016


Casual and Contemporary Stools for All Occasions

designer furniture sydney

Stools aren’t just for the bar or breakfast nook anymore. Indeed, these functional furnishings can find a home in any room of the house, as diversity of designs dictate multiple functions. From seats to side tables, coffee tables and more, stools stand to serve a variety of purposes, not to mention stylistic endeavours. 

Encompassing designs from bar stools to ottomans & benches, stools provide no shortage of versatility within the dining room, bedroom and living space, enhancing an interior with both function and form.

The Bar Beckons

One of the first connotations & one of the most traditional uses for a stool: the seat of choice when we belly up to the bar. Since the early 20tth century, Bar stools have been serving as space saving seating, conceived to seat a higher number of patrons at commercial pubs. Modern kitchen designs have come to incorporate an island bar or similar, while a lucky few among us have the pleasure of a dedicated home bar for entertaining.

bar stools furniture australia luxury furniture online

To while away the hours after dark, or for a quick bite pre-work, seating options in the realms of my Atlantic High Bar Stool offer the comfort and support of an upholstered seat and back, along with all the style a metal frame provides. Modern minimalists might prefer the Ayers Low Hide Bar Stoolfeaturing luxe leather threading, holding a distinctive textural hide upholstery taut across the stools’ seats and back. 

bar stools online

If a rustic, Hamptons-like style is closer to your home aesthetic, opt for my Waverly Upholstered Bar Stool or  Waverly Woven Back Bar StoolFor yet another twist, try my St. Louis Swivel Bar Stool, which features splayed legs for added stability, a distinctive carved timber back and linen-blend upholstery on both the back and seat, for a determinedly refined aesthetic. 

melbourne interiors furniture

Functional Seating Alternatives

Bar stools aren't only confined to the bar. Higher dining tables like the Rosewell High Breakfast Table benefit, nay, require the height of a bar stool, lest your guests chins rest on the surface; certainly not conducive to a comfortable dining experience. Consider a perch like the Charlston Bar Stool, coupling clean lines with an upholstered seat, as a seating option with a nod to mid-century modern design to complement the on-trend hair-pin legs of the Rosewell Table. 

mid-century modern furniture melbourne

high bar stools online dining room bar stools

Beckoning, with the promise of comfort, my Cardiff High Dining Chair combines elements of a bar stool and a traditional dining chair. Featuring a distinctive base, casual upholstery and characteristics that render it equally suited to a bar or a high table in the dining room or kitchen.

Other Applications

ottoman stool

I mentioned versatility, and I've not yet been proved wrong. Despite multi-functional attributes, ottomans and stools possess the inherent qualities required for an immediate dose of style, elegance and design panache, in any interior. 

Adding visual variety with a unique iron base and thick woollen upholstery, a pair of Santa Monica Iron Branch Stools won't fail to enhance an interior decor with a sense of whimsy. Try a pair flanking the fireplace, easily rearranged for intimate winter evenings with a special someone and romantic, roaring fire. Why not capitalise on these versatile traits and style the Santa Monica Stools within a bedroom scheme, allowing for instantaneous boudoir updates.

ottoman coffee table

With its delicate silver cross metal frame paired with a rich espresso leather seat, the Donovan Low Stool also offers form and function to fit almost any setting. Offering double-duty as an ottoman, or a stand-in as a coffee table, its modest proportions and multiple uses make it an ideal decor piece, particularly for smaller living spaces in which it pays for every furniture selection to be both pretty and practical.

Similarly, my Cardiff Woven Stool, featuring a woven leather seat and stippled stain finish, packs a lot of style into an easily movable piece. Indeed, the Cardiff Woven Stool’s manageable dimensions make it an ideal fit for tight breakfast nooks or even smaller bedrooms, where it can serve as anything from seating bed-end, to a unique bedside table that looks equally at home next to an Eltham Twin Single Headboard as it does something boldly substantial like the Cardiff Queen Bed.

Examining Ottomans

As a close cousin to the stool, the ottoman can serve the same functional offerings on many occasions. Due to budget-friendly and space-saving qualities, ottomans present an opportunity to experiment with an interior décor by adding a fresh element or accent piece without an overwhelming change or overwhelming investment.

living room furniture sydney


And the versatility continues! Large ottomans or smaller, paired pieces can stand in for a coffee or cocktail table with enviable effect. An upholstered look as an alternative to traditional timber or glass coffee tables is making waves in interior circles; options including my Toulouse Large Ottoman & Savoy Rectangular Ottoman serve this aesthetic to aplomb, while space-saving storage aspects add yet another layer of functionality.

bedroom furniture sydney

Outside the living room, consider ottomans as extra seating options around a dining table. For the ultimate in casual entertaining style, try partnering pieces such as my Charlston Ottoman with the Jefferson Extension Dining Table, an unexpected, yet on-trend seating option. And ottomans can be perfect for intimate spaces, too. Place a pair of Ayres Hide Ottomans at the foot of your bed to add a distinctive accent that also functions as a practical place to get dressed and prepare for your day each morning.

designer furniture melbourne leather ottomans

From bar to bedroom, stools and ottomans can provide the perfect balance of form and function without draining your décor budget. So, whether you are looking for a unique accent piece or a practical extra seating option, there’s a stool or ottoman to suit your style.

How do you use stools beyond the bar? Leave me a note below sharing your style inspirations:

July 16, 2016


The Console Table: Enhance Any Room in the Home

timber console

No other furniture piece performs quite the way a console can. Slender & elevated, the console enhances those difficult niches, where other furnishings perhaps fall short. Allowing for an abundance of styling opportunities, don’t go past a console table when looking to improve upon an interior, whether that be a living room, entrance hall, dining room, bedroom… the list goes on. Allow me to explain further:

In the entrance

Whether you have a tiny corner beside your front door, an expansive entryway, or a long and narrow hallway greeting visitors at first sight, none are disadvantaged by the addition of a console table, offering both a stylish welcome to guests as well as a convenient surface for the depositing of the outside-world essentials; keys, mail, and personally – my passport. An avid traveller such as myself requires it constantly close at hand, lest my buying trips be delayed...

 contemporary timber console

Perhaps it’s the profile of my Manhattan Console that makes it such a popular piece, or perhaps it’s the urban materiality; dark oak meets a matte gold frame. No matter the specific draw-cards, the Manhattan Console delivers on the convenience I mentioned, with no shortage of contemporary style, while the slender proportions make it an ideal accompaniment to any entrance hall. And with four drawers – organising my props for daily life comes as a breeze.

 timber and marble storage unit

For lesser expanses of wall however, a demilune makes a fine substitute, offering storage, height and style all at once. Take for example my Hordern Demilune, combining marble and parquetry timber for that sought after coastal aesthetic. Although, I’ve not yet seen an entrance hall that wouldn’t benefit from the soft lustre and delicate hand-applied silver-leaf finish of my Claxton Demilune... Two exceedingly different aesthetics, one obliging silhouette.

For the bold, with a penchant for an industrial aesthetic, look to my Foveaux Metal Console. A raw silver finish with riveted detailing, allows the Foveaux to make a statement in style from the contemporary home to a rustic retreat.  An on-trend, yet enduring aesthetic means this piece will be a feature in your hall for years to come. 

In the living room

Just as functional, and equally as stylish, the console promises any living room an instantaneous update. Whether used purely as a display piece, showcasing your favourite blooms and chic trinkets, or a storage solution for homes lacking special expansiveness (read: apartments and the city terrace), a console acts much the way in the living room as it does in the entrance hall, albeit one small factor: options in placement!

marble and antiqued mirror console

Invite the console table into your living room, setting one against a wall or behind a sofa, create a bar space for at-home celebrations, or - for open plan spaces - place one mid-interior to create a much needed distinction between spaces.

Placement against a wall is the obvious choice for a console, and often the only option, depending on spacial planning. However, for special events consider utilising the console as your greeting table, set up with your favourite refreshments of course. Antiqued mirror detailing, honey onyx stone top and a delicately distinctive design provide my Belleu Mirrored Console with a style hard to ignore, making this piece an attention grabbing piece for any host.

If rich Italian glamour is your vice, my Milan Console Table in Ebony certainly doesn’t disappoint with a sleek profile, brass metal base and unique faux crocodile leather wrapping the body, the Milan offers storage space for bar essentials and plenty of surface area for bottles and glasses that beg to be corralled by a large Chablis Tray.  

marble top silver cabriole console

An interior move often employed by interior designers, the use of a console to make separation between spaces in the home is one invariably used for open plan spaces, providing that finishing touch and expertly curated interior aesthetic. My Wolseley Marble Console works to this requirement with stunning effect; the slender cabriole profile lends itself to floating within a space; no side is front and no side is back…

In the dining room

I’m sure I don’t need to explain the virtues of a buffet in the dining room, especially for the host among us. Dinner parties are seldom held without the buffet’s aid in some way, whether that be a storage space for crockery or simply a surface for the accompanying wine. So, may I put forward the idea as a console serving as a buffet? Slim & stylish, a console is ideal for the smaller dining room, casual dining space or open plan dining setting. It’s no uncertainty that guests are sure to notice the unobtrusive, yet eye-catching console.

In the office

timber and gold console desk timber and gold console desk

An ideal stand in for a desk in areas non-conductive to bulky units, the console doubles as a surface for work and play. Create a chic office nook in the bedroom or a guest room; petite pieces such as the Florence Hall Console, featuring a luxe gold leaf finish and Parisian aesthetic, the Florence definitely isn’t all business. In a guest room or your own abode, pair it with a pretty occasional chair so yourself and visitors alike can use it as a vanity or a desk as needed. For a feminine feel, consider the Eiffel Chair, which features tufted grey velvet upholstery and cabriole ghost legs that echo the console’s curves.  

In the bedroom

The ultimate for feminine abodes, the vanity holds connotations of delicate ladies, collections of eau de parfum and sophisticated sensibilities… Parisians have mastered the look time and time again, so it seems fitting to opt for cabriole profiles when contemplating a console for a vanity space; my Eloise Cabriole Console, featuring a glam gold leaf finish promises to provide on ladylike luxe.

feminine gold vanity console

An oversized bedside table is a trend you won’t see slowing down, and I can’t get enough of the bold proportions in a bedroom of generous proportions. Take for example, my Deneuve Hall Console. The versatile storage piece is finished in a distinctive blend of silver leaf and a soft wash of metallic gold to achieve a stunning ombre effect, the drawers accessorised with delicate ginkgo leaf hardware. I’ve used it alongside my Florette Queen Bed within my Design Service to create a stunningly feminine bedroom suite, rich in texture and form. 

gold nightstand

So, for a versatile piece to enhance an entryway or any room in the home, consider the console table. Whether it’s serving as a sideboard, sofa table, bar or bedroom vanity, it won’t disappoint.

What are some of your creative uses for consoles? Share your thoughts in my comments section below:

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